Sunday, April 27, 2008

Google From Your Cell Phone

Wow! I pride myself on being pretty current with the cool timesaving things that I can do with my cell phone. And today, I was told about an amazing money and time saving tip! Google by text messaging! Yes! That's what I said. Google text messaging.

I didn't believe it when my friend Bobbi told me that she nevers calls 411 and that she could text Google for help--on anything! Immediately, Amanda and I had to text Google to give it a try. The response was instantaneous! We were shocked! And Bobbi said that this feature has been available since 2006. When I think of all those $2 calls to information I could have saved....I could be at least $100 richer!

So, give it a try! Text 46645 and ask for something. Anything! You'll be both astonished and impressed!

For weather: w austin

I haven't learned all of the cool things that I can do yet...but I will!